Panasonic Business claims a place among the world’s best brands

October 14, 2016

Can a B2B brand really stack up against today’s B2C titans? In the case of Panasonic, the answer is a resounding ‘yes’.

In the past week, Panasonic – a Proctors client for almost a decade now – once again claimed a place on the illustrious Interbrand list of Best Global Brands. It certainly isn’t a first for the company: Panasonic has been a longstanding resident on this internationally renowned roll call of big-hitting brands.

No, what made this ranking quite unique, both for the company and amongst its peers on the Top 100, was that the lofty Interbrand position was achieved thanks to market-awareness activity aimed at raising the profile of its B2B brand, as well as its already famous B2C manifestation.

A win-win situation for Proctors

For everyone here at P+S, that was a double win. First, we were over the moon that our client had achieved such an auspicious accolade. Second, we’d played an instrumental role in the conception, creation and delivery of the B2B brand-building campaign.

Based on a ‘shock and amazement’ approach, the campaign challenged perceptions of Panasonic, asking the audience to ‘think again’ and consider the technology giant in a new light. Digital advertising – featuring stories and movies of the world records, world firsts and world-leading achievements Panasonic has in its locker,  – played a pivotal part in spreading the fame of Panasonic Business far and wide.

The campaign began in the UK in May 2016 and will continue in France and Germany until early 2017, with initial indicators suggesting outstanding success (along with Interbrand’s endorsement of course!).

For the May-July UK phase of the campaign…

  • 87,772,809 advertising impressions were served across social networks, programmatic display, YouTube, and search.
  • 104,499 users came to the campaign website, which features amazing facts, records, and B2B customer stories.
  • 84% of those were new visitors.
  • Campaign awareness within the total pool of target respondents was an outstanding 25% (this rose to 47% among the demographic of males in their 20s).
  • As of August 2016, the sales pipeline associated with the campaign is more than €900,000, with that figure already growing as search activity increases.

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