New Year’s Resolutions

December 12, 2014

2014 is rapidly coming to a close, so it’s time to dust off the crystal ball and look to the year ahead. Over the last few years, B2B marketing has transformed both its tactics and strategies – all of which are aimed at better attracting and engaging target audiences. I think that next year, B2B marketing trends will continue in this way. Yes, there will be a fair few fads too, but here are three of my New Year’s resolutions based on predicted trends for 2015. Go about them in the right way and they could revolutionise your B2B marketing…

Put mobile marketing first

According to recent ComScore statistics, smartphone penetration in the UK stands at 75%. They’re also becoming the screen-of-choice for many executives to perform various tasks: from checking their email and browsing the web to conducting research and communicating. Having a responsive website is therefore imperative, but it goes way beyond this; the ‘mobile first’ mentality affects every aspect of your strategy, meaning you have to view all marketing efforts through the eyes of a mobile user – from mobile ads to content.

Embrace wearable technology

It seems that 2015 will be the year that we find sensors in everything, if 2014 is anything to go by. Next year, we need to tap into this sensor-driven data if we want to add real value. Apple’s iBeacon was the first indicator that the next step in marketing is going to be the merging of online and offline technologies – but 2015 will be the year that wearable tech, and the Internet of Things, truly starts to dominate. 

Get into micro-targeting

Next year, maybe it’s time to dig deeper when it comes to personalisation and customisation strategies. Reaching out to prospects will require data analysing in order to create the kind of one-on-one conversations you need for successful micro-targeting. If you’ve no idea who you’re talking to, you’ll have no idea what to say! In 2015, we should commit to buyer personal development, allowing us to construct more engaging content strategies.

Do you have any other B2B New Year’s resolutions you will be pledging to keep come midnight on the 31st? I’d love to hear from you…


Jessica Ellis - Business Development Director

[email protected]