New Year, new web trends…

January 4, 2016

First of all, happy 2016! It’s that time of year again where predictions and crystal balls are rife. Web design trends interest me all year round, but I thought I’d share a few of the predictions I found on the Econsultancy blog just before Christmas that seemed to put them all in one concise place. So, what does the year have in store web design-wise? Apparently, it could look a little something like this…

Centred content

This has come about partly because of mobile-first design, but we could begin to see more minimal homepage designs – a main message surrounded by a GIF or visual. This emphasis was previously seen by websites with little written content, but more businesses will want to go for the non-wordy, bold approach on the homepage, with distinctive branding.

Bold iconography

Similarly, iconography will become more prominent thanks to the trend for minimal design – they’ll become larger and more detailed and, according to the article, be “a creative playground for designers who may be constrained by increasingly conventional layouts and interaction design.”

Unique images

More and more websites will shy away from the grinning man/woman of the stock image variety and put effort into capturing creative, unique, high-res images of their actual service or product “in the wild.”

To scroll or not to scroll?

Scrolling is a controversial topic in the web design world right now. Some think it’s easier to scroll than click – mobile devices with limited network prefer scrolling over page refreshing – whereas others think it’s ludicrous to have to scroll for a long time to be able to view the primary site content. Jowita Ziobro on Medium hedges her bets on “fewer links, more buttons, bigger ‘clickable’ areas, and taller pages that expect to be scrolled.”

Sans serif

Sans serif typography is very on-trend at the moment, and is good for the centred content and minimalist approach mentioned above. Body text will grow in size, prioritising the larger font as opposed to font size 10.  

Jessica Ellis - Business Development Director