The new iPhone 6S: what’s the big deal?

September 28, 2015

So, Apple have done it again – after its recent San Francisco launch event, everyone is talking about their latest release: the new iPhone 6S. But what’s so good about it, and what impact will it make on the marketing world?

The feature creating the biggest buzz is the introduction of 3D Touch Technology. It’s been described as the “right click” for mobile, and is similar to the Force Touch on the Apple Watch. Basically, it’s pressure sensitive, so you can take action on apps without actually having to open them. So, for example, if you want to preview an email (known as a “Peek”), you can press on the email. Push a little harder, and you’ll properly open it.

Although it looks virtually identical to last year’s iPhone 6, it’s said to be more durable due to its new aluminium casing: “the same alloys used in the aerospace industry”. The camera also offers a nifty new feature in the form of Live Photos. When you take a photo, you are actually capturing 1.5 seconds before and after you touch the shutter button, so that when you push the 3D Touch Screen you can effectively “bring the photo to life”. 

But how will any of this affect us marketers?

Well, the new “Peek” option, thanks to 3D Touch, is more than likely to have an impact on email marketing metrics. If a glance at an email preview counts as an “opened” email, read rates could see a notable lift. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that click-to-open rates could witness a fall if recipients are only previewing, rather than clicking through on any call-to-action. 

Really, we just need to recognise that metrics may look different as a result of this new feature and take these factors into account. More than ever we will need to think of ways to entice and engage email recipients, giving them relevant content with tempting subject lines. That way, surely they’ll be after more than just a preview?

Jessica Ellis - Business Development Director

Photo credit: Mahod84 /