Mobile marketing… but not as we know it

September 21, 2015

Ready to unlearn everything you’ve ever learned about mobile? According to Josh Rochlin of IBM Silverpop, that’s what marketers need to do. 

Until now, he believes, we’ve thought about mobile in silo – but this is no longer the way to do it. Before, we would consider what message to push out to someone “when they’re mobile”. Now, though, everyone’s mobile all the time! There are 7.2 billion mobile devices worldwide – a figure that is rising by the day. Smartphones are everywhere; as Rochlin says, “in your home, on your couch, before you go to bed in your bedroom, and that changes the whole way that marketers need to think about what it means to engage with their customers mobily.”

What Rochlin is referring to is the binary relationship many marketers have had with mobile up until recently – the short-sighted, restricted way of looking at mobile, driven by the want to influence intent when consumers are “out in the world”. 

The Internet of Things has revolutionised mobile engagement. Rochlin says it’s not just about where my device is, it’s the relationship between my device and the other connected devices around it. 

Wearables, he says, are going to mean marketers have to adapt their way of thinking, too. But what happens when the traditional display opportunities are gone? 

Have you ensured your mobile marketing is future-proof to avoid lagging behind? 

Jessica Ellis - Business Development Director