Manufacturing Brands: 3 Steps To Improving B2B Relations

January 26, 2015

Does your manufacturing company boast high-quality products, but has a constant struggle to get noticed? Manufacturing is an extremely competitive market, and businesses are failing to get noticed because, quite simply, they’re not marketing themselves in the most effective way. Those B2B relationships must be nurtured and tended to… and here’s how:

Brand image + identity

First up, you want others to know that you’re an expert in your field, so you need to be able to demonstrate knowledge of your customer’s needs and offer the right solutions. Don’t overlook the emotional side of the brand you’re trying to cultivate; there are real people behind every business decision. So, you’re at a similar level to your competitors in terms of product quality and price… but are you articulating your story? Perhaps you are still a family-run business or your product was developed by the current MD’s Dad in a back shed 20 years ago, but now supplies some really big players? Those stories and case studies need to be told and allow a customer to connect and start to be able to build a relationship with you, as opposed to being a faceless brand with no character.

Lead generation

Measure, analyse and improve your website and any email outbound marketing you are doing, making sure your target audience can easily find your company and products online. Provide engaging content (written and explainer videos) that clearly demonstrate your unique value proposition. If you haven’t got one, develop one. It’s old school and boring, but what is your elevator pitch? You need to be able to quickly articulate what you are and why you’re great, not just detailed information into your product - the “explain it to an elderly relative” stuff. You should also focus on portfolio/case studies/testimonials, and could even consider a virtual product tour. Keep on top of your sales team, ensuring they’re following up on all visitors/users on your site.

Trade shows

Make sure you attend any trade shows or conferences that are relevant to your manufacturing business. As well as meeting with potential manufacturing partners and getting your name out there, it allows you to check out what the competition’s up to. Yes, the web has changed the way we interact, but nothing beats some face-to-face time. Don’t forget to promote that you’ll be attending these shows on your website and social media.


Want to see a great B2B manufacturing strategy in action? Please take a look at the case study of Prysmian – the world’s largest manufacturer of energy cables.