Magic vs Logic

May 18, 2015

Call it what you will – art and science, creativity and efficiency – there’s a constant juggling act that marketers have to deal with. ‘Magic vs logic’ is one of the most recent terms to describe it. The ‘magic’ bit refers to the emotional engagement with an individual, while the ‘logic’ part describes how the brand strives to be consistent in its delivery – boosting ROI by successfully meeting the needs of its customers. Every marketer needs to be competent at both.

Essentially, magic is the most ‘fun’ element when it comes to marketing – coming up with ideas to develop a creative message, and picking the appropriate channels through which it will be delivered. Logic, on the other hand, is the process of making these innovative ideas actually take shape. It covers various stages of the marketing supply chain – from localisation and adaptation to distribution, archiving and retrieval. Although ‘magic’ takes up the most time and attention, it’s thought that logic accounts for the largest part of a marketing budget’s spend (around 80%).

As a result, marketing companies are finding it rather difficult to find the right balance of talent. According to figures retrieved from the CMO Summit last year, less than two in ten (19%) have managed to strike the perfect blend of creativity and analytics. This is the ultimate priority for companies, though; to put together a team of skilled individuals who can satisfy and excel at both orientations.

The other issue is that the analytical and creative are able to work harmoniously together – using data insights to help and inform the creative. Are you yet to find the perfect balance between magic and logic?

Photo credit: Eva Peris