It's true what they say, poor planning makes for poor performance...

October 10, 2014

Do you think your websites deliver sufficient online revenue? If you answered 'yes', it seems you’re in the minority! Google and B2B Marketing recently released figures claiming that just 11% of marketers think their websites are good for conversion rates.

An article on B2B Marketing went on to say that, out of the 118 marketers involved in the survey, only 20% believe their website draws in sufficient top-of-the-funnel traffic, and 23% say their websites attract enough prospects. Interestingly, 30% of B2B sites are visited by existing customers.

Additionally, the report brings to light some of the reasons behind the concerning results: the most common reason for failing to generate enough online leads, according to 46% of marketers surveyed, is “lack of strategic planning”, with 41% saying it was due to lack of content, 31% because of skill shortage and 29% claiming it was down to poor brand recognition.

The head of content at B2B Marketing, Alex Aspinall, said that there is one thing to learn from these findings: although websites and digital investments don’t come cheap, they are vital components of keeping up with the 21st century, and businesses simply can’t do business without them. So, he says, you may as well focus on making sure you’re doing all in your power to see a good ROI.

At Proctor + Stevenson, we are definitely part of the minority in this study. We’ve seen some great conversion rates on websites – for example, one client received uplift in sales transactions of 304% in the first month – and 4,000% after 7 months. And another of our clients saw 30% increase in month-on-month web traffic, 30% drop in bounce rate, clients spending 20% more time on the site and generally 5% more pages viewed per visit. We have a thorough scoping process against clear Key Performance Indicators. With an upfront planning process, we work out what we need to achieve revenue-wise, what you need the website to do, then we design it so it achieves all of these things!