Is It Time To Get A (B2B Social) Life?

September 22, 2014

Have you been sitting on the fence when it comes to B2B social marketing? If you have, could now be the time to jump off?

It seems that many B2B brands are at the initial stages of their social media life, and many are beginning to embrace it. Hats off to social media for business; it’s come a long way in a short time and, according to The Drum, the B2B community is now taking advantage of what used to be seen as a consumer medium to the full. Some 79% of B2B marketers believe that social media is an effective channel for marketing.

Despite these figures, though, there seems to be a sense of fear in the air. But what are B2Bs afraid of exactly?

Personally, I think we’re afraid of doing the wrong thing. When you’re under intense pressure, you’re afraid of what you can’t control and what you don’t fully understand. In B2B marketing, a lot of what you do boils down to leads, but social media pretty much defies measurement. Yes, you can count “likes”, followers and connections – but what are these indicators of, and how do they translate to leads? This is why many say that social is the antithesis of control – a scary fact for many B2Bs. However, have you considered that by consciously letting go of control in terms of messaging and message recipients, you could actually elevate your position?

Social promotes transparency, and while this is a scary thing, the best B2B marketers will take on this challenge. Have you felt the fear, but done it anyway? And has it paid off? We’d love to hear your social success stories.

Jessica Ellis - Business Development Director