How Does A B2B Marketer Think Like An Engineer?

January 30, 2015

An engineer is a unique specimen; they think in different ways to other influencers in the buying process, meaning us B2B marketers really need to work harder if we want to grasp their mentality. There are many misconceptions, however, when it comes to dissecting their brains. So how does an engineer really think? And how can we engineer our marketing strategies to appeal to them?

  • Engineers like to think outside the box more than you think. This is where some B2B marketers fail; they assume that all engineers have a single-minded focus and so create rigid strategies with no creativity in their messages.
  • Engineers may be extremely well educated in their discipline, but does that mean you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? An engineer’s brain is like a sponge, so your brand should be putting forward expertly-written, relevant subject matter. How would you say is best to do this? Tutorials? Webinars?
  • Traditional media should still be used when trying to appeal to engineers. Yes, they are wired in (especially the young ‘uns), but B2B marketers need to select our media carefully. Trade shows, for example, can work wonders.
  • According to a UBM Tech study, one of the least influential things you can do is base a campaign on “innovation”. Instead, should we be focusing on resolving problems, delivering knowledgeable information and offering high cost/performance value?
  • OK, some engineers are happy in their little engineering bubble, but that doesn’t mean that they are loners or aren’t interested in social media. LinkedIn and Google+ are two of the most appealing platforms to engineers. So make sure your brand engages with them through social media; just ensure that the content is VERY relevant.

How do you think B2B marketers should appeal to the engineering brain?

Jessica Ellis - Business Development Director