The Grid: Websites of the Future?

December 1, 2014

Ensuring that the process of building websites is less complex is a sure-fire means to success; we only have to look at WordPress and Squarespace to see that. But platforms like these are still largely based around the human element. Ultimately, we are left to make the decisions: would the checkout button look best at the bottom? Where should all the text go? What colour scheme works for my business? And then it’s down to A/B testing to find the answer. However, a recently launched service is set to change this and immediately got my attention: The Grid.

Developed by ex-Google AdSense Director of Products, Brian Axe, The Grid is a form of artificial intelligence that is said to function like your very own “personal graphic designer”. According to CEO of The Grid, Dan Tocchini, “the design adapts to your content, not the other way around”. So after you do the “fun bits” – i.e. add your content, videos and images – you can sit back and relax while The Grid designs your website for you.

There are a few decisions you’ll have to make initially, though. When you create a website with The Grid, it’ll ask you to define a purpose for the content (is it to gain followers, clicks, video views, crowdfunding?) before the layout adapts to your goals.

The Grid promises to give you a personalised site, free from templates and promises that its websites aren’t immediately recognisable as being made by them. If The Grid can keep these promises, it could be on to something. Will this change the way we all make websites, or will it mainly be used by budding entrepreneurs and start-ups? How far can artificial intelligence change the way our digital world is designed?