Google’s Project Soli: Digital Buttons Could Be A Thing Of The Past

July 3, 2015

Last week, I discussed Google’s Project Loon: its mission to provide Internet connectivity to the entire world through the use of balloons in the stratosphere. Well, it seems like the search engine giant has been busy of late, because I also came across another project by Google – and this one’s called Soli. It leads me to think: what will they do next?

Project Soli is an entirely new – but equally as exciting – beast. This one is based on gesture technology, meaning that subtle finger movements are able to control digital equipment. No more hitting the wrong buttons or swiping screens; your hand gestures effectively become digital controls. It works through a tiny chip using radar technology to track the hand and finger movements which are converted into actions to control the device.

This new technology has the potential to completely transform the way electronic devices are designed. In the future, consumer electronics – from televisions and microwaves to telephones and toasters – could be utterly unrecognisable. The invisible radar that comes from a chip can be embedded into pretty much anything. Imagine the office in years to come; people wildly gesticulating into thin air. Oh, the tricks you could play on your colleagues by connecting to their devices!

These latest projects are signs that Google’s tech is getting stronger by the year; it’s constantly striving to improve and update its services, and its presence is more and more prevalent in our lives. Google is creating an incredible future, but do you think it will one day take over the world? Or, like a lot of people out there, do you think that’s already happened?

Jessica Ellis - Business Development Director