Google Loves Tweets

June 1, 2015

In the very near future, you should find that when you search for something on Google via your mobile device, relevant tweets will pop up. An announcement was made at the end of last month that tweets will now be displayed in Google’s mobile search results. The new feature is currently available to mobile Internet users in the US, but could make its way over here soon.

As a searcher, you would now be able to find tweets posted by a person you’re searching for, or a subject that interests you. You can also search for, for example, #b2bmarketing, and you’ll discover tweets that discuss any hot topics.

Ultimately, it means more traffic for Twitter, and an increased number of opinion pieces and trending articles shown on the search engine. For Twitter, this means more people will begin to use its service, while Google will have access to real-time updates which could attract more searchers. From a searcher’s point of view, real-time tweets give them relevant, up-to-the-minute information that may not otherwise have shown in the search engine’s results. To me, it seems like a win-win situation!

It’s not the first time Google and Twitter have joined forces; back in 2009, the search engine made a deal with Twitter to gain access to tweeters’ steady stream of content. However, this was not real-time data – Google had to manually crawl Twitter for information – so it was far from ideal.

This new feature is great news for Twitter users, and Twitter itself has expressed excitement of working with Google to deliver real-time content. Time to get tweeting, I think!