Google Customer Match: should marketers rejoice?

October 9, 2015

Google has ummed and ahhed about it for a long time, mainly because of its privacy implications. But with Facebook’s ‘Custom Audiences’ and Twitter’s ‘Tailored Audiences’ proving so successful, the feature couldn’t be ignored any longer.

Cue ‘Customer Match’: Google’s next move towards even greater personalisation. The feature allows advertisers to upload email addresses to Google, meaning new targeting opportunities, and it’s available across Gmail, Search, YouTube, TrueView and Google Display Network.

But how will Customer Match affect marketers? A recent article I read on Econsultancy listed six changes we should witness as a result of the new feature…

1. PPC ads will become more personal: Customer Match offers huge scope for segmentation and newly personalised PPC campaigns.

2. PPC advertisers can engage with customers on all devices: Customer Match goes one step further than remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) because it advertises to recognised signed-in users, regardless of whether they’re on their mobile, laptop, tablet or desktop (which RLSAs and cookies can’t traverse).

3. Extra work for marketers: Of course, we can’t expect to see all these results without putting a bit of work in. Creating and testing a whole new range of ad copy will be time-consuming.

4. Customer trust could be threatened: Ad awareness is increasing (hence the trend for ad blockers), so will users be irritated by PPC’s new targeting? Customer Match should, however, be subtle; Google will ensure it is always relevant and doesn’t come across as “creepy”.

5. Users will have more intent: Customer Match is directed at users showing more intent than those on Facebook – that’s surely a rather attractive prospect.

6. PPC creative used in Customer Match can be combined with email marketing: It can be designed so that it complements email content being sent out to your database of subscribers.

What changes do you expect to see as a result of Customer Match?


Jessica Ellis - Business Development Director