Getting Creative With Video Marketing

September 17, 2014

Video in B2B holds a strong position in the decision making process; we have been creating video content for a long while now, using it to explain complex products or services. The thing we really need to focus on is what types of videos are most useful at what stage in the decision process. 

So why exactly do B2B brands use video in the first place? According to SkyWord, it’s in order to “satisfy multiple customer needs in all parts of the sales funnel”. This can be achieved by creating numerous video formats, specifically targeted at various stages of the buyer’s journey.

Sure, there are a few challenges that can hold marketers back – namely lack of budget, resources and creativity. But budgets are beginning to increase as greater emphasis is placed on content marketing and its power to drive ROI – and resources will be added as a result. So this leaves us with one last issue: the elusive challenge of creativity.

Here are a few video formats that we think can help at different levels of the buyer’s journey:

Animated Infographics

Using animation to explain complex products or services as a great watt o get key top line information across. For example here we have used this method to explain some pretty complex lease agreements to property owners around the world. 


By showing your potential buyer an engaging video that showcases your product or services’ USPs, you will meet their immediate need for information. And they perform well in search – always a bonus. View our example here.


Take a look at who your brand follows on social media and use these as subjects to be the star of your ‘influencer interviews’. They will work wonders in promoting your content after it’s been published. What to interview them about? Trends, the industry and overall best practices are always a good starting point. If they are full of useful info, they will also be linked to by industry publications. View our example here.

Conference keynotes

A fantastic source of video marketing content, they can also be “sliced and diced” later for bite-sized social posts. We love a bit of recycling.

Video testimonials

Your customers should love your work, so get them to speak up! These videos will be a sure fire way of giving you instant credibility and will be show potential customers that you create great success for other businesses in the industry.

These are some of the ways we can build brand loyalty, create awareness and acquire new customers with video marketing. We have been using video in B2B for a long time, now it's time to ensure you are sending the right information to the right people at the right time in the buying cycle. Remember to test, learn and refine. Track user engagement and promote your video through a quick email or social media to get it noticed, start incorporating video into your online content strategy.