The Freshest Orange Juice Brand

September 29, 2015


We at Proctor and Stevenson love a clever piece of packaging.

The competition around orange juice is fierce, with every brand claiming it's juice to be the freshest and the best orange juice.

Intermarché, the 3rd French retailer, launched the campaign “The freshest orange juice brand”, to prove to it's target audience that a chain of supermarkets could provide the freshest orange juice ever.

But one thing is sure : no orange juice is better and healthier than the freshly squeezed one.

What could prove the freshness of an Intermarché fresh orange juice better than the exact hour and minute the juice was made?

That’s why Intermarché created the freshest fresh orange juice brand ever created - the juice brand whose name is the exact minute the juice was made - 100% proof of freshness.