Firms not getting much bang for their content buck

March 2, 2016

I hate to have to say “I told you so”, but…

It comes as little surprise to hear that businesses are creating more content than ever, but are witnessing a decline in engagement.

In a report by competitive analytics company TrackMaven, it was revealed that content output increased by 35% in 2015, while engagement fell by 17%. TrackMaven calls it the “content marketer’s paradox” – creating more content with less return – but I see it a little differently.

The fact is, creating more content doesn’t – nor should it – guarantee you higher levels of engagement. If that was the case, all firms would need to ensure is that they are producing as much content as they can, regardless of quality. But humans don’t work like that, they’re not going to read – and then engage – with something that they’ve seen hundreds of times before.

However, that seems to be the tactic many businesses have adopted, with firms’ year-on-year output on Twitter and Facebook increasing by 60% and 31% respectively.

TrackMaven suggests that people are reaching a saturation point where only so much content can be consumed, liked, or shared, and I agree with them – to a point. People will always find time to consume interesting and helpful content, and the sheer amount of content being produced today means they are required to be more selective over what content to give their time to.

That means firms not only need to create content of a higher quality, they also need to take the time to track engagement and referral traffic in order to understand which channels and content performs work best over time.

Businesses have to start creating content that’s worthy of paid-for promotion – something that’s becoming increasingly necessary to get your message heard above the noise. Now that sheer weight of content has been proven to be a poor tactic, maybe we’ll start seeing B2B marketing post more interesting content, less often. We can but hope.

Kevin Mason - Director