Is finding a data scientist a 21st-century challenge?

November 2, 2015

Back in 2012, an article in the Harvard Business Review claimed that being a data scientist is the “sexiest job” of the 21st century. While I wouldn’t necessarily go that far, data scientists are pretty special. Finding the right data scientist is certainly a challenge; they need to be able to master databases and statistics, but – more importantly – they need to be able to code in order to unpick the vast amounts of data.

According to a recent study from the Interactive Advertising Bureau and the Winterberry Group, CMOs in most companies are now turning into data scientists. However, the actual results of data-driven marketing remain mixed. 

The reason for this, suggests the survey, is because marketers are still trying to work out how to use data effectively. Before, everyone wanted to be seen to be using data, but now that data has become the norm, the only way to get the upper hand is by learning how to leverage it – to gather the right data and utilise it in the best way possible. 

As a marketing director, you can’t blame yourself for this lack of creativity when it comes to data. You just need a data scientist who can visualise and communicate data properly in order to help you make data-driven decisions. Not only do they need to have a firm knowledge of the tools needed to visualise data, but also the principles behind visually encoding data, and then clearly communicating this information to you.

How do you plan on adapting? And where are all the skilled data scientists hiding? 

Jessica Ellis - Business Development Director