The End of Passwords?

April 10, 2015

Could selfies actually hold a purpose? An article I read last week on Business Insider confirmed that Apple has been granted a patent that could mean users can unlock their phones just by taking a picture of themselves. Could this be the end of passwords as we know it? iPhone passcodes and fingerprint scans could potentially be superseded by the selfie.

Now, facial recognition is nothing new. Android has offered it as a security measure for years and the founder of Alibaba, Ja Ma, recently launched selfie-powered mobile payments, known as “Smile To Pay”.

Android phones also have a feature called Smart Lock, which recognises the user’s face and unlocks the phone. However, Google warned that it is much less secure than a password, as someone who looks like you could gain access. Less than ideal.

One thing to note about Apple’s patent, however, is that it carries on securing your device after its initial unlocking, intermittently taking images of the user. If you’re no longer appearing in the picture, the phone will suddenly lock, blocking others from accessing the content on your device.

At the moment, there’s no sure-fire guarantee that Apple will implement the technology (the company has a variety of patents that it has not yet used). But, as it looks like the end of traditional passwords is on the horizon, selfie-secured phones could genuinely become a reality.

Will you be embracing the selfie (purely for security measures)?

Jessica Ellis - Business Development Director