Don’t Be A Dinosaur!

March 27, 2015

It’s no secret that the world of marketing is changing at a phenomenal pace. In 2015, staying current means keeping up-to-date on how the marketing scene is shifting – almost on a month-by-month basis. It may sound dramatic, but the result is do-or-die. Only the most current brands will survive – we only have to look at companies such as Blockbuster and Kodak that have collapsed because they simply couldn’t keep up with the changing marketplace. But what can we do to prevent brand extinction?

Integrate digital

Brands need to stop treating digital marketing as a separate entity. If you want to prevent becoming a dinosaur, you need to seamlessly integrate all areas of marketing. Your customers don’t think in terms of channels, so you need to develop a cohesive communication strategy.

A customer-centric approach

Digital marketing is all about the customer – tap into what they’re after and deliver what they want and when. Track your customers’ buying habits then create the experience they look for (before their eyes wander elsewhere).

ROE is key

Track return on investment (ROI), but also return on experience (ROE). This is linked to the point above; are your customers having consistent, enjoyable experiences with your brand – regardless of the channel? Are they liking your content?

Don’t think you’ve “done” digital

Don’t just tick the boxes when it comes to your marketing efforts (Twitter? Done. Content marketing? Done.) – instead, invest some time and expertise into doing it properly. No cutting corners!

Digital marketing is always evolving, and brands need to shift and adapt in order to be ready for their current audience. How do you ensure your brand survives to tell the tale? 

Jessica Ellis - Business Development Director