Don’t be chicken-flavoured vegetarian ham

November 20, 2014

This was a pretty important lesson from a recent speaker event I attended.

Far too often in content marketing, we feel we must cover everything in order to include everyone. Well, it turns out mother was right: you can’t please everyone. The moral is to be focused in your content and only write about one thing each time. If you focus on solving one problem for one part of your audience, it’s a lot better than writing some long-winded, vague blog post, which doesn’t really help anyone.

I hear your cries! What if our blog specialises on B2B strategy? Then we’d be excluding all the B2C companies and could lose out on their business. And what if we create a video channel about gaining Twitter followers, but a potential prospect doesn’t have a Twitter account? They’d be gone too.

So, as you’re creating very specific and focused content, make sure to create content for each of your audience segments. For example, you can focus on ham, but you can also have a range of chicken - just stay away from ham-flavoured chicken! You can focus on social media for one audience, but also, separately write about email marketing. Plus it helps fill your content calendar while you’re at it!

Want to go bigger? Create content on multiple channels and formats. Some readers prefer blog posts; others prefer video. Some love a good infographic, while others can’t get enough of SlideShare. By using different forms, not only are you keeping your channels populated, you’re also accommodating to a variety of genres. And it’s a good test to see which format gets shared the most.

Try it out and see if it helps your content strategy. Do you ever have this problem?

Vicky Shelton-Smith, Business Development Executive