Do Millennials matter?

October 26, 2015

Think of Millennials and you might think of a group of stroppy teenagers or skint university students. But, unfortunately, that could mean you’re showing your age. See, there’s this thing called “time”… 

Millennials were born between 1980 and 1996, which – according to my mathematics – means they currently reside in the 19 to 35 age group. And, according to Business 2 community, they are now the key decision makers in today’s marketplace. 

So clearly, the answer to my own headline question is “yes” – and, as they get even older, Millennials are going to be the driving force in the B2B world. But how can we effectively reach out to them during the buying process?

The article examining the subject says that “Millennials are researchers”. They’ve been raised in a world where a plethora of information is always just a click away. As a result, they need content to be at their fingertips at all times. 

Of course, they’re interested in the price, but they want to be able to get a feel of what doing business with you would be like. In fact, 93% use the digital grapevine; checking out reviews before making a purchase. They’ve got limited attention spans and don’t respond well to being put on hold. They expect a “hyper-responsive” experience at all times.

They also want “hard-core” data and analytics to support their buying decisions. A study by IBM claims that over half (53%) of Millennials think that analytics can help them make better-informed decisions. 

So, then, in order to connect with Millennials, we need to:

Make content regular and accessible
Post regularly on social media
Include Millennials in the company culture
Be original, authentic and transparent
Big up the data – Millennials want facts, figures and case studies to support claims.

Are you marketing with Millennials in mind?

Jessica Ellis - Business Development Director