Does The Death Of Internet Explorer Really Matter?

May 26, 2015

For many of us, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer was the first Web browser we ever used; it’s been around for almost two decades, after all. Yet, when most people think of the little blue ‘e’ icon, they relate it to sitting at their desk, manically tapping on their mouse in the hope it might actually do what they want it to do. When other browsers (like Chrome, Safari and Firefox) came onto the scene, it was no surprise that people rushed to try something new.

However, according to HubSpot stats, 7.7% users still rely on Internet Explorer – the equivalent of 231 million people. Generally, these are users over the age of 45 who have been turning to Explorer for many years to check their email, buy products online and log onto social media sites. My question is: if these ecommerce customers no longer have their trusted browser in their lives, will it affect your online business?

Loyal IE fans may simply switch to Microsoft’s replacement browser (which is likely to be called ‘Spartan’), set to launch at the end of the summer. What it does mean, though, is that ecommerce companies can’t rule Microsoft out, despite the fact that IE is retiring. The best bet is surely to plan for all eventualities, making sure that any security in place is maintained with the new browser and that all aspects of your website are compatible with Spartan (if that’s what they call it).

Although the percentage seems low, there are still lots of people who use IE. Can your business afford to jeopardise these potential customers? Another question I’d like to ask: do you know anyone who still uses Internet Explorer?!