Cross-Channel Marketing = Action Uplift

October 24, 2014

What do you get when you combine direct mail with email and telemarketing? Action uplift, that’s what. According to an article I read this month on Business 2 Community, the reason clients will be more likely to take action is, because you’ve approached them at all touch points, the links with your brand will start to build - all by using additional channels around the “core”.

This is the mix suggested by Business 2 Community, which is tried and tested. Whilst not wanting to teach you to suck eggs, the thing to remember is to make sure it’s all clean-cut and that you’re following a well-planned-out strategy. Yes, it’s all very well ticking the boxes below, but you need to ensure everything is tracked and followed up neatly, at the right time.

  • First, create the “core” – direct mail. Though posting something isn’t a guaranteed sale, it's much more likely to be opened than emails. The reason? Your business has paid to send it, and this lets the recipient know you’re serious. As a result, DM lists tend to be cleaner than email ones.
  • Next, create a buzz on social media. It’s the best way of spreading the word, plus it can extend the shelf-life of a campaign and keep the momentum going.
  • You should then follow up with email reminders – a gentle nudge. Don’t lose sight of the individual when you’re doing this – they each have their hot buttons and key problems to solve.
  • Personal contact via telephone, they say, should be saved only for the largest - and most profitable - chunk of your audience; these are the people who don’t have time to respond immediately – in B2B they are usually the most senior people holding on to the purse strings.
  • Lastly, don’t forget the data. It’s important not to overlap – rather you should be cross-connecting to make your campaign seem like one integrated and seamless whole.

Around 90% of marketers now use email in their campaigns, with 60-70% using traditional direct mail and telemarketing too. When combined, they create a “nurturing effect”.

If you link all these direct campaigning approaches in with a solid content strategy, you shouldn’t need to sell too hard – just impart your valuable knowledge and, over time, your prospects will convert if your offer is right for them (although be prepared – this doesn’t happen overnight!).

Keep educating your market, and keep calling to action! Another thing worth noting: us Brits love email, apparently! If email is followed up with an eye-catching DM piece that offers something valuable, you’ll be making your prospect feel valued, too.