Creating B2B content that buyers crave

July 8, 2016

When putting together your content schedule for the weeks and months ahead, you should be led by what it is buyers want to see from you.

In the past, B2B firms have been inclined to take a ‘hard sell’ approach to content marketing, i.e. creating overtly promotional content that offers no real value to the reader.

However, with independent reviews sites gaining influence in the B2B world, buyers aren’t going to be swayed by biased content created by vendors to convince them into a purchase.

Demand Gen Report’s ‘2016 B2B Buyer’s Survey’ reveals how buyers are scrutinising potential vendors more closely than ever. Here’s what it found:

1. Buyers crave personalised content

The majority of B2B buyers (69%) said the single most influential aspect of any vendor’s website is content that speaks directly to their company. Generic or self-promotional content won’t do the job of convincing buyers that your firm is to be trusted.

2. Content should solve buyers’ pain points

When it comes to evaluating a list of solution providers, 84% said solving a pain point was the most important variable, followed by deployment time/ease of use (83%), and features/functionality (81%). Your content strategy should reflect this, but be careful of simply stating how your products/services can help buyers.

3. Content is not viewed in isolation

When getting the buying process started, B2B buyers look to multiple sources: Web search (68%), vendor websites (54%) and peers/colleagues (49%) are all commonly consulted by B2B buyers. It’s wise to remember that buyers aren’t viewing your content in isolation; another reason why the ‘hard sell’ proves futile.

4. Content needs to be engaging

A separate survey by Forbes Insights revealed that that 81% of today’s consumers expect vendors to engage with them. Engagement is so much easier when you’ve got some great content to get the conversation started.

Does your content truly reflect your buyers’ thought process at the decision making stage? If not, now’s the time to do something about it.

Dan Vivian - Business Development & Marketing Director