Content Marketing, Part 3: Infographics

February 8, 2016

In the third part of my posts on content marketing, I’m going to look at infographics – everyone’s new favourite way of digesting content. A truly outstanding infographic can be something of an instant revelation. A bad one can be confusing, overwhelming, or – worst of all – just plain boring.

Infographics have the power to work so well because they can show us an idea or concept that we can understand very quickly. It’s largely down to an eye-catching design and easy-to-digest imagery, but – as an article I read on Huffington Post points out – the long-term success relies on more than just good design. It has to be relevant.

Before you can work out how to make an infographic relevant, you have to think of your project’s goals: do you want it to be an ‘evergreen’ infographic that will be shared for years to come, or is it all about a short-term boost in traffic?  Or are you hoping for something in between?

The evergreen infographic has a few advantages:

  • More “bang for your buck”
  • More eyeballs (who’s going to be searching for ‘Christmas marketing tips’ in June?)
  • Less upkeep – there’s no maintenance needed to keep it relevant

There are certainly times when of-the-moment content can work in your favour, but first of all you need to select a topic in order to determine its lifespan. By combining a mixture of evergreen and trending topics, you could help to build on your solid content marketing strategy.

Jessica Ellis - Business Development Director