Content Marketing, Part 2: Remarkable content

February 5, 2016

Last time I discussed the benefits of video marketing – today, I’m going to be looking into content in general after seeing something on LinkedIn called ‘Why we’re hungry for remarkable content’.

So why exactly are we hungry for remarkable content? The main reason is because there is a sea of content out there that is quite unremarkable, so we want to get our hands on the good stuff. As a post on Business 2 Community points out, a decade ago we would be intrigued – excited, even – to read a blog post, whereas now we’re inundated with status updates, podcasts, webinars and other types of content from every angle.

In fact, around 4.6 billion pieces of content are published each and every day – and while all this is going on, our attention spans are falling (to around 8 seconds, one second shorter than a goldfish, last time I checked). Yet we still manage to check our phone every few minutes, indicating that we’re still thirsty for content, but only content that is worth looking at.

However, “Being great isn’t enough to cut through the noise”, says Mitch Joel of Mirum – you need to have a solid distribution strategy across a wide range of channels in order to get seen.

If you’ve produced a remarkable piece of content, you’ll naturally want it to get seen, so a well thought-out distribution strategy is something you should prepare to dedicate a whole heap of time and effort to.

Jessica Ellis - Business Development Director