Content Marketing, Part 1: Video

February 2, 2016

Content marketing is such a broad area, to write about all aspects of it in one blog post is nigh on impossible. So, I’m going to kick this series off by looking at video marketing. 2015 was the year of video, and the stats are there to prove it. Skyword gave me an idea of where video could be heading this year – and why…

Glued to the screen

eMarketer revealed that the average user spent five and a half hours each day watching video content last year, and Cisco predicts that by next year, video will make up a staggering 69% of all consumer web traffic.

Branded videos are in demand

Good news: consumers actively seek out branded video – in fact, 84% of consumers have ‘liked’ a branded video on Facebook, and over half have viewed a company video sent to them via email.

B2B videos are getting results

According to 73% of B2B marketers, video marketing generates some serious ROI. However, 32% of respondents said it was a relatively new aspect of their strategy and they’d only started using it in the past two years – this suggests some potential barriers in the minds of many; presumably due to lack of ideas or in-house marketing experience.

Long-form video is on the rise

It doesn’t have to be short and snappy to receive views; people are willing to invest their time if it’s a quality video. Long-form video picked up double the amount of eyeballs last year, apparently.

… and so are how-to videos

How-to videos on YouTube have also increased 70% - meaning brands have the opportunity to answer questions and address pain points with their expertise and know-how.

Jessica Ellis - Business Development Director