Content: Are You On The Right Track?

October 14, 2014

Content is still king, they say. But how effective are B2B marketers at using and - just as importantly - tracking it? This was the main focus of a recent study I came across by the Content Marketing Institute and the results, as cited on, were pretty surprising.

After polling over 1,800 marketers on issues such as benchmarks, tactics, budgets and distribution channels, they found that, of the B2B marketers using content marketing, only 8% believed they were “very effective” at using it, with 30% claiming it to be “effective”.

So what are the reasons B2B marketers use content in the first place? The three main motivations cited in the study were brand awareness, lead generation and engagement. Other goals were sales, lead nurturing, customer retention/loyalty and upsell.  

There are various types of content being produced by B2B marketers, but the majority of it (92%) is used for social media, followed by eNewsletters (83%), website articles (81%), blogs (80%), in-person events (77%) and case studies (77%).

But are these efforts paying off, and are B2B marketers effectively tracking their content marketing results? Only 5% claim to be “very successful” at tracking their content ROI, with 33% rating their efforts as “neutral”. Shockingly, 15% said they don’t track it at all.

At Proctor + Stevenson, we not only produce great content, but we also understand the importance of measuring and tracking it. Only recently for one of our financial services clients, we are on course to deliver an ROI of 10:1 over the lifetime of customers already acquired and projections from the pipeline generated. If you’d like the entire case study, I’d be more than happy to email it over to you.

Look out for our article ‘Is measurable ROI from content marketing too much to ask?’ by Proctor + Stevenson’s Director, Kevin Mason.

Jess Ellis - Business Development Director