Is “Connected Immersion” In B2B Going To Catch On?

November 24, 2014

Connected immersion is the notion of being completely involved in something we like, love or care about. When was the last time you experienced one in B2B? An article on Social Media Today looked at how both B2C and B2B marketers are trying to understand and connect with buyers in new and innovative ways. There is a need for B2B marketing to “reinvent conventional approaches in both research and experience”, as we see the consumer-like experience become popular with influential business buyers. So what do B2B marketers need to do in order to develop a “connected immersion” approach?

  • Gain a deep understanding through immersion-based research efforts such as “on-site ethnography” and “digital immersion research approaches”.
  • Quite often, B2Bs rely too much on data and lack human connection – especially when it comes to strategic decision-making. B2B marketers need to embed immersive insights into strategic understanding.
  • Use buyer personas as a communications platform for translating insights from your immersive research.
  • In today’s world, buyers want transparency. B2Bs need to focus on drawing buyers into an open immersive experience.
  • More creativity and innovation is needed when pushing content. This is the only way to meet the demand for creating connected immersive experiences in B2B.

What’s the future of connected immersion in B2B? Immersive experiences are likely to become more of a common occurrence as personal and professional lives both evolve and blend. Those businesses which fail to keep up with the trend and expectations for connected immersive experiences could find themselves well and truly disconnected.