Celebrating National Stress Awareness Day at Proctors HQ

November 15, 2018

At Proctors, we understand the importance of wellbeing, both at home and in the workplace. We also understand the effect that stress can have on both your professional and personal life...If not managed properly, stress can become overwhelming and cause other mental health problems, emotional exhaustion and physical illness, which can impact on work, relationships, families, and every aspect of life.

So, as part of National Stress Awareness Day on 7 November, we took the time to get together to learn how to cope better with stress by organising a series of special events around the office to help provide a #StressFreeProctors for our wonderful employees.

Starting the day with inspirational & uplifting quotes

In order to take a step back and look at the bigger picture, sometimes all we need are a few simple, encouraging words, right? Sometimes a little bit of perspective can go a long way, and inspirational quotes can be just the thing to make an impact on performance.

We surprised employees by leaving uplifting quotes on everyone’s desks to make sure they started off their day in a positive way!

Mindful colouring

Researchers have discovered that colouring activities can help relax the amygdala – the section of the brain activated in situations where you feel stressed or scared. Colouring activities can also activate the parts of the brain that support creativity, logic, inner calm and self-realisation.

We put out an array of colouring books and pencils for staff as an easy way to relax but also to help exercise the mind and relieve stress – colouring within the lines optional. 

‘Get out of your mind and into your body’ relaxation session

It’s no secret that exercise is one of the best ways to reduce stress. So, when our Assistant Accountant/fitness fanatic Mylie offered to host a ‘Get out of your mind and into your body’ relaxation session, we jumped on board!

The session incorporated breathing exercises, gentle stretches and guided visual relaxation, complemented with soft lighting, chill-out music and relaxing aromas.

Free massages

Massages are a great example of a self-care measure you always want, but rarely get.

We had Julie, a qualified massage therapist, set up in one of our board rooms, giving employees the opportunity throughout the day to get away from their desks, relax and enjoy a hand and arm or shoulder and neck massage.

Creating a stress-awareness space

We created an interactive stress-awareness space so that employees could share their experiences of stress and their tips on dealing with it.


Overall, we’ve learnt just how important it is to combat stress and maintain wellbeing. We don’t always have to overwhelmed by stressful situations and we’re making it our mission here at Proctors to always find new ways to help manage stress effectively for a happier, healthier work and life balance.