Calling All Marketing Directors! How Do You Pick?

January 23, 2015

'Mad Men' may be showing on Netflix, but gone are the days of shopping for an agency in a smoke-filled boardroom. It’s not exactly breaking news, but the marketing world has drastically changed; terms such as “social media” or “experiential marketing” were relatively new concepts ten years ago, but are now crucial considerations. Ideas are still the primary foundation of creative agency work, of course, but there are other important factors that help form a valuable relationship between Marketing Director and agency. So what do you look for?


As I mentioned, creative ideas are key. They separate leaders from followers. And the better the ideas, the greater the chance of success.


Without an extremely strong brand identity, it’s impossible to build a successful business. Think about Airbnb and its strong rebrand or, more obviously, Apple. Good design relies on good judgement.


Good results aren’t down to good luck. It’s not just happy accident that we make money for our clients – just like it’s no accident you are drawn in by particular adverts you see. Without measurements and results in mind, your brand will be overtaken by competitors.


Looking at a portfolio of success stories is one of the best ways to confirm you want to work with a particular agency. If you like what they’ve done in the past, chances are you’ll like what they can do for you, and you’ll be more confident to hand over the reins.


A subject I talked about in my blog post on Monday, are awards important to Marketing Directors when it comes to picking an agency? Are they a comfort blanket of sorts?

As a Marketing Director, how do you value a marketing agency? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this one.

Jessica Ellis - Business Development Director