Blab: A new marketing tool, or purely for voyeurs?

October 2, 2015

New social kid on the block Blab launched back in April, but it’s only in the last few weeks that there’s been something of a frenzy surrounding the platform. And it’s only very recently that I dabbled in Blab for the first time (more on that later…).

If you haven’t heard about it yet, Blab is basically a live-streaming video application where you – the audience – can watch peoples’ live conversations (involving up to four participants at a time). These conversations could be in the form of interviews, debates, talk shows, live workshops or casual hangouts. It’s free, accessible 24/7, and its simple user-face means it’s very easy to get the hang of. But really, I think the immediacy of Blab is what makes it so addictive to so many people.

Blab is owned by Bebo – one of the original, old-school social platforms to arrive on the scene, pre-Facebook. As we all know, video has witnessed a huge growth in recent years, and Blab manages to combine the likes of Meerkat, Google Hangouts and Periscope to really take it up a notch.

Last week, I bit the bullet and signed up to Blab via Twitter. Afterwards, I couldn’t help feeling slightly violated, voyeuristic and a little bit freaked out – and that’s after steering well clear of conversations such as ‘Late Night Chat #PantsOptional’! I have to say, though; once you get past the real-life Jeremy Kyle aspect and start thinking with a business hat on, it really does open up numerous possibilities.

If you’re after inspiration, I think Blab could be used for any of the following: running contests; expert talks; live reporting from conferences; product training sessions; brainstorming ideas; answering customer questions; feedback; and for listening to what customers/clients are saying about your brand.

Brands are usually the last to jump on board when a new social channel comes along, meaning the first ones to take the plunge usually make the biggest impact. Saying this, I take no responsibility if you become a fully-fledged Blabaholic.


Jessica Ellis - Business Development Director