Getting The Best ROI Out Of Email Marketing

May 15, 2015

With all the talk of social media and how it helps brands engage with their customers, we mustn’t forget one of the most effective means of communication, especially in terms of return on investment: email marketing. Econsultancy agrees, and has ranked it best in class for achieving ROI. But how can we ensure we are making the most of it?


According to PerformanceIN, it’s all about strategy. Outlining clear goals from day dot is crucial, and any email campaign must align with a brand’s business objectives if the optimum ROI is to be generated.

Journey mapping

It’s essential that we adapt and change with the times. Journey mapping is key, and will help identify any issues that may be disrupting the user experience. Recognising any barriers will help you work out when and how to change.

The personalised approach

Let’s remember that consumers’ inboxes will be flooded on a daily basis. How do you make yours stand out? It’s all in the P word: personalisation. Studies reveal that 31% of consumers would be more likely to buy a product if they were offered personalised experiences. If customers aren’t engaging with your content, then creating personalised email campaigns can really help rectify this.

Utilising data

Data should be used to join the dots and visualise the journey, tracking the ROI impact. Interpreting this data in the correct way is vital in order to tailor emails to the individual. For example, Millennials will have differing requirements to the older generation, so emails must always be adapted to suit these varying demographics.

Measuring success

Finally, the skill of measuring the success of a campaign is paramount to engaging your audience. Campaigns shouldn’t just be measured on an email-by-email basis; instead, impact must be recorded over time to really gauge success – this way, you’ll see the overall highs and lows of a campaign’s engagement.

How do you ensure your email marketing continues to generate amazing ROI?