B2Bs might lose business if they're not mobile friendly

October 3, 2014

How will 2014 be remembered? The year when mobile internet usage finally overtook desktop? Quite possibly. We all tend to be engrossed in our phones a lot of the time; in fact, 25% of internet users only access the internet via a mobile device and, on average, smartphone users check their devices 150 – yes, 150! – times a day, according to a great infographic I came across on HubSpot. Yet some B2B marketers are still failing to evolve with the demand for a mobile presence.

An article on Forbes.com suggests that many believe that the average mobile web user is using their phone to do things like buy tickets or download music. But the fact is, these same consumers are using their phones to go on to your site, read your blog and research your business. So yes, B2C is where a lot of mobile usage lies, but the B2B consumer is also using mobile to carry out extensive homework.

The infographic also revealed that there were 800 million mobile internet users in 2009, but this figure is expected to rise to 1.9 billion by 2015. However, some 96% of consumers claim to have come across a non-mobile friendly website. But are B2Bs to blame for this? The article states that most B2Bs are still using their site to inform, educate and inspire, in the hope that this will engage would-be buyers and move them through the numerous stages of the buying journey. However, B2Bs must keep an eye on their mobile presence, too.

Forbes suggests that, firstly, brands need to make sure their mobile web experience is making the right first impression. Slow-loading sites are a big turn off, as are non-responsive and hard-to-navigate ones. Some 46% of mobile users report having problems viewing a static site, with 44% claiming that navigation was troublesome on smaller devices. 

In terms of B2B, according to Adobe, 74% of B2B marketers said mobile optimised websites were "very effective" or "somewhat effective" in increasing conversions and that, in April last year, six out of ten executives now use tablets according to the Financial Times. What does this mean? It means if your website is currently non-responsive, you may be losing business every single day. Forbes produced facts about C-level executives stating more than half prefer to find information themselves rather than delegating and the Internet is their main information resource, in preference over events, trade publications newspapers or personal networks. Plus, six out of ten C-level executives conduct more than six searches a day on search engines, following links driven by search engine advertising and content.

B2Bs need to make sure their content is mobile-friendly. This means that everything from your blog to downloadable infographics and whitepapers need to be easy for customers to get their hands on. If you came across a B2B company’s content quickly but it wasn’t in a responsive format, would you take the time to read it?

Vicky Shelton-Smith - Business Development Executive