Is B2B Video Marketing A Place For Comedy?

September 24, 2014

Last week, I talked about the use of video in B2B marketing. Now it’s time to get into more specific detail when it comes to video content. Do you think humorous marketing videos can really work for B2B brands? No, I’m not talking knock-knock jokes, slapstick or funny-for-the-sake-of-it sketches; I mean clever, make-you-stop-and-think humour. Do any spring to mind in particular? Few B2B brands have really nailed it, so it makes sense that they have stood out from the rest.

I came across an interesting article on MarketingProfs which discussed how humour can humanise a B2B brand, and the article featured insights from Tim Washer – marketer and part-time professional comedian. He claims that, if you want to make comedy an effective part of your marketing strategy, you need to understand how to use it. You need to make a point about something with a strong case and a strong point of view.

So this “truth-telling” aspect of comedy - can it really help humanise a brand, even if the brand is somewhat ‘stiff’? A lot of funny B2B marketing videos are focused on the problem, as opposed to the product. Perhaps, then, we should avoid overly connecting humour to the product or service, instead looking at what the product or service can solve. Or could a great starting point be to explore the consequences of a problem not being solved, and then exaggerate this to the point of ridiculousness?

A good example of a B2B comedic video that works is a two minute sketch from Epuron, a European clean energy company, aiming to promote the potential of wind energy to investors. In the video, the wind is personified by ‘Mr. W’. This clever, witty sketch won the company numerous awards and now has nearly four million hits on YouTube.

So, has your brand considered using comedy videos as a part of your wider marketing campaign? As social media becomes increasingly important to B2B brands, it seems humorous videos could, too. But is there a fine line between laughing with and laughing at?

Are you brave enough to take the leap into comedy video as a B2B marketer?

Jessica Ellis - Busines Development Manager