B2B Marketing Blunders To Avoid

November 21, 2014

B2B marketers make mistakes on a daily basis, but the majority of the time they don’t even realise they’re making them, according to a recent article on B2B Marketing. The main pitfall, apparently, is that B2B marketers apply B2C strategies to their efforts. But the mistakes don’t end there. Here are some of the other blunders the article identifies:

Using the wrong social platforms

Think about your social media efforts: are they really producing any value? Don’t assume that the investment you put into social platforms will pay off, and don’t build a presence on every channel; only go where your clients/potential clients are likely to be.

Failing to ensure a website is fully optimised

A large amount of your business will be based on two things: visibility and convenience. Don’t assume that people will work hard to find you – you need to fully optimise your site in order to drive traffic and make conversions.

Not developing leads

Don’t get bogged down with figures – a lot of B2B marketers get caught up in them and lose sight of what’s really important: leads. Once you see traffic coming to your site and you develop conversions, it’s essential to follow up on those leads.

A complicated paying process

Even with the world’s best marketing strategy, without an easy way to pay, it’s useless. You want to be able to seamlessly “capture your customers’ online payments during checkout”, according to Shopify.

Ignoring customer segmentation

Even in the B2B world, it’s important to understand that every customer is different. Failure to segment customers could mean you end up with a very generalised marketing strategy that reaches no one.