B2B Lessons From The Oscars

February 27, 2015

The razzle dazzle of the Oscars might seem like a strange place for a B2B marketer to take inspiration from, but – as you’ll know from our recent post about the Super Bowl – we manage to take notes from all these major events. While there were no epic group selfies this year, there were plenty of other memorable moments that can help us learn how to stay relevant.

Stories with impact

The moving story of The Theory of Everything saw Eddie Redmayne win Best Actor. While FX eye-candy is great (it engages and draws in audiences), without a strong and impactful story to give it substance, content will struggle to leave a lasting impression. Engaging storytelling is one of the most successful ingredients in B2B content creation.

Be unique

Graham Moore took home the award for best adapted screenplay, and gave an emotional speech about the value of being different. His message should be adopted by brands as well as individuals: by being different, you can earn an edge over your competitors.

Reinvent yourself

Lady Gaga’s tribute to Julie Andrews and the Sound of Music stole the show on Sunday. It also taught us that brands can reinvent themselves and reclaim authority if they go about it in the right way. Pair contemporary elements with the passion that created the initial concept, and you can prove your value when rebranding or launching a new campaign.

Don’t reveal everything

What would an award ceremony be without a wardrobe malfunction? At the Vanity Fair after-party, Rita Ora showed a lot of skin – leaving little to the imagination. Brands could learn something from this: don’t reveal everything up front when it comes to social media; instead, leave a little mystery. Offer an enticing or thought-provoking question to encourage users to click through onto your website. Reveal all your knowledge in one post, and there will be no reason for them to do so.

Are there any other marketing lessons you took from 2015’s Academy Award proceedings?