Awards: Do They Mean Anything When Choosing An Agency?

January 19, 2015

Winning any award is a good enough reason to give yourself a pat on the back... But can a marketing agency with a host of accolades be trusted for this reason alone?

Click on any marketing agency website and chances are you’ll be greeted with a list of awards it has under its belt. Naturally, agencies want to brag about them, but perhaps brands need to be careful that they’re not (metaphorically) blinded by these shiny medals of excellence.

In fact, do they actually mean anything anymore? What role do awards play within the modern marketing era, and how do clients really value and judge the work of a creative agency?

Many people I’ve spoken to have suggested that awards have begun to lose their value; there are so many of them that it has somewhat diluted their prestige. With so many awards in different areas, the reality could be that many agencies can now label themselves as ‘award winning’ or ‘award nominated’.

Despite this, is there still some comfort when you read or hear those words? Choosing an agency can be a daunting process, so awards can act as a point of reference when weighing up which to go with.

I don’t mean to underplay their value. At every agency I've worked for, entering awards is on the agenda; we all seem to do it! But they take a long time to complete and cost a lot to enter - and then there’s the dinner if you are nominated, costing anything from £200-£450 to attend! Are they really doing us any favours? What do they mean to you when making  a decision about the agency to work with? Awards can inspire trust, increase motivation and (when you win) boost team morale. They can help to confirm a choice – but only if everything else fits into place, surely?

Jessica Ellis - Business Development Director