Are you in the A or B camp?

September 1, 2015

How would you describe yourself? Do you have huge amounts of drive and ambition, and can you be a little snappy? Or do you see yourself as totally laid-back, with lots of creative flair – perhaps a tad messy at times? It may be that, like me, you’re a bit of both, depending on the context. Maybe you live by spreadsheets at work, but at home you have a sink full of washing up.

According to HubSpot, type As and type Bs have the following traits:

Type As have a go-getter attitude. They are more time-oriented, impatient, stressed, ambitious and organised.

Type Bs are less stressed, more relaxed and patient. They’re more creative, enjoy achievement and don’t get bogged down with little details. 

This A/B personality testing has been around since the 50s. However, it’s totally normal to identify with both personalities in the workplace – and the fact that we identify with both is precisely why more elaborate personality profiles exist. 

These kinds of personality tests came about because, as humans, we always feel the need to label and categorise everything. But if we don’t precisely fit into one camp, what should we do? 

According to HubSpot, “Fitting neatly into one bucket or the other doesn’t matter. What really matters is how you work in day-to-day scenarios.” For instance, the systems you use at work to keep you organised or how far in advance you plan your lunch.

Which camp are you in? Or are you a bit of both like me?

Jessica Ellis - Business Development Director