Are you in it for the long-haul?

November 9, 2015

When it comes to marketing in 2015, a lot of tactics revolve around the here and now – we only have to look at real-time tracking and programmatic ads to see this. And I’m not denying that quick returns are both necessary and welcome; but they shouldn’t be at the expense of long-term development. If someone asked you to make a sacrifice today that would help establish your brand in a decade’s time, would you do it?

A piece I came across on Marketing Magazine examines the concept of long-term marketing and takes Dove’s ‘Campaign for real beauty’ and Persil’s ‘Dirt is good’ as two positive examples; both contain a narrative but also a notion that tests the traditional brand-to-consumer proposition. Rather than ramming ‘Buy this product!’ down their customers’ throats, they are saying ‘Come and join us and share our values’. 

“Conversation leads to brand love and brand love leads to brand loyalty”, says Jennifer Bremner of Unilever. Therefore, marketing for good helps shape the way people will perceive your brand further down the line; but it’s about finding the perfect balance between ensuring short-term profits and a sustainable future.  

Consumers need to “understand and buy into a brand’s purpose, one that’s delivered consistently and continuously”, says the article. This is where data comes in; it can measure how various aspects of your marketing activities impacts profit in both the short and long term, and help find that perfect balance.

Have you found yours yet?

Jessica Ellis - Business Development Director