How are you adapting your customer journeys and buying cycles?

April 13, 2015

Every business wants to deliver consistent experiences to suit the modern customer, but how many feel they are actually there yet? Today’s audience has changed, so it comes as no surprise to learn that the customer journey has changed, too. The traditional purchase funnel has morphed into a complex cobweb across numerous channels – and this has produced various problems for brands.

An article I read last week on E-consultancy brought to light the issues organisations struggle with as they try to transform their operations around these multichannel interactions and modern customer journeys. Many businesses, the article claims, have trouble adapting to the “culture shock and complexity of integrated sales and marketing”. Sound familiar?

“Digital Engagement”, it says, is the major new stage that has appeared – it uses subject expertise, peer conversation, thought leadership, and so on. But are some sectors better at adapting and changing their strategies than others? Which category do you fall into?

Jessica Ellis - Business Development Director