6 Lessons in Leadership - Our Marketing Society Blog Piece

May 24, 2017

Our esteemed friends at the Marketing Society asked me to share my impressions after attending a recent event.

The new positioning of the Society is braver marketing leadership. They have embarked on an ambitious program to encourage all us marketers to be that little bit bolder and braver in our thoughts, words and deeds - something we at Proctors wholly endorse. Here is a link to my piece on the "bad leaders" event.

The 6 lessons are:

  1. Recognise the difference between leadership and management. They are not the same. MBA courses teach management, not leadership. Learn about leading, not just about business.
  2. Most of all, be consistent. We can cope with bad situations and good situations, but the worst is where there is inconsistency. This is most likely to create the conditions for poor mental health.
  3. Leadership is lonely. A trusted support team at work and at home is crucial to provide perspective.
  4. Communicate constantly. And not just the good stuff.
  5. Find a safe place where your team can provide honest feedback; not just the impressions they think you want to hear.
  6. Listen.