6 ingredients for a strong (and tasty) content marketing strategy

April 3, 2019

In this ever-changing and evolving marketing world, at least we know that one thing is for sure…

Content is king.

With content at the core of communication and technology expanding its capabilities, the competition to see who can grab the reader’s attention first and for the longest is FIERCE.

Content has and will always be the centre of the connection between your brand and your customer - it's either going to open their minds (and heart) to pay attention and care that your brand exists, or it won't.

Ultimately, it’s about connecting with your audience in an authentic, real and more importantly human way – because there’s only so much a robot can do right?

So, what drives a successful content strategy?   

Well we’re about to tell you. Grab yourself a virtual seat as we explain the most significant trends and offer tips to help you plan a content strategy that’s going to stand out from the crowd…

Waste not, want not

Ah yes, the dreaded A. Auditing.

More specifically content auditing.

Although sinfully boring, content auditing is necessary for your brand. This means taking a good look back at all of the content you’ve produced on your website and assessing its strengths, weakness and relevancy. If you’re looking to identify those weak spots and improve the performance of your content just ask yourself these three questions;

  • Which articles have performed the best?
  • Which topics is our audience connecting with the most?
  • Which articles have past their expiration date and need disposing of (sounds harsh but again, it’s necessary)

Quality over quantity

As content marketers we all tend to have a similar initial response when it comes to creating an inbound content marketing strategy. And it usually goes something like this: “Argh we just need to get content out and A LOT of it! Why? We don’t really know but we just need to!”

You see, its’ all well and good rapidly pushing publish on articles left right and centre like an absolute machine, but the consequences of rushing out content for the sake of “views” soon will catch up with you. In short – stop overloading and annoying your existing readers and consumers with endless irrelevant content.

Instead get creative with your strategy and content which enable you to soon carve out a niche for yourself. Streamline your content calendar so various departments can see it, make suggestions and for Gods sake make sure everyone is on the same page, with the same goal.

Stop selling, start nurturing

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Readers and potential consumers crave authenticity. We’ve reached a time where brands are beginning to prioritise continuous engagement instead of one-off transactions.

The focus has shifted from sell, sell, sell to getting to know your potential customer, understanding their needs and what you can do to help.

If you want to give a customer a reason to stay/buy with you again – then you need to create content that will build lasting trust, helping you form genuine partnerships.

Get ready for voice search (but don’t worry about it too much)

If you didn't knwo already, Voice Search on Google has developed into a reliable search platform that is able to guide users to the best and most accurate search results using a single command or question.

But as our Strategy Director, Kevin Mason mentioned in this article “Unless you’re a local service provider, or an e-commerce merchant selling low-value items, the scale of the opportunity probably won’t warrant investment in a specific voice-search optimisation programme.”

However, it's important to be aware that optimising the following will certainly improve your search rankings across the board; 

  • Mobile user experience
  • Aiming for featured snippets on Google

Combine data with great narratives so it’s not boring

No-one likes a long article full of stats that are hard to read and understand. Instead try to create highly-engaging stories that prove your point with current data.

Make it your mission to track down authentic, current data and remember to do your research properly so you’re not offering up misleading statistics from surveys that are a thousand years old.

Embrace your uniqueness

Don’t be afraid to create unique topics that anticipate your readers’ need.

It’s important not to become a slave to SEO keywords that you miss out on providing content that serves your audience well.

Unique content might include industry-related information, internal news, or product-specific information that addresses your audiences’ interest.


In conclusion, although content marketing can be a minefield, in order to keep your head above the water, remember that while it’s important to invest in current content trends, it’s vital that content marketers continue to build on a solid foundation of quality content aimed at target audiences.