5 top takeaways from CMI’s report into the B2B manufacturing sector

May 18, 2016

Whether you’re just starting out on the content marketing trail or have been on it for a while now, the findings from the Content Marketing Institute’s (CMI) latest report on the state of content marketing in the B2B manufacturing sector are worth a look.

For those who don’t fancy reading the entire report, we have extracted the top takeaways – here they are:

1. Manufacturing firms struggling to make content marketing work for them

CMI’s study shows that only 18% of B2B manufacturing marketers says their firms are effective at content marketing – down from 26% 12 months ago.

2. It could be put down to teething problems

Joe Pulizzi makes the link that 50% of the marketers questioned said their business was in the early of first-steps phases of content marketing maturity. It’s no secret that the payoff from content marketing can take a while to arrive – but the ultimate gains make it worth the journey.

3. Or maybe it’s due to a lack of strategy  

With half of the firms quizzed having only just signed up to create content, it also came as no surprise to find that just 18% of CMI’s survey respondents have a documented content marketing strategy. While it’s disappointing to see an apparent lack of strategy, it offers some cause for optimism – success with content marketing might just be a documented strategy away.

4. Video is being ignored

The results also hinted that manufacturing firms are missing a big opportunity, in the form of video content. Only 15% of manufacturing respondents ask their audience to subscribe to a video series, despite just about every statistic pointing to video as the future of content marketing.

5. More content than ever being created

Finally, just like everybody else, manufacturing firms are planning to increase the amount of content they produce throughout 2016. As we’ve said here at Proctors for a long time now, more content isn’t necessarily the answer – but content of a higher quality is.

While the report appears to paint a fairly bleak picture for content marketing in the engineering sector, success is there to be found for firms that build a (documented) strategy that puts high-quality content (like video) at its core. Do that and you’ll have every chance of standing out from the crowd.

Dan Vivian - Business Development & Marketing Director