4 ways of making your manufacturing newsletter a joy to read

May 20, 2016

Manufacturing is an ever-changing and exciting industry, full of busy people who are open to ideas but preciously short of time.

So keep your newsletter short and sweet, full of great ideas and compelling stories. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. New machinery acquisitions

Everybody loves a new piece of tech. So, if you happen to have acquired a new piece of machinery to help make your lives easier, tell clients about it as if you were trying to sell it to them. What bleeding-edge technology is it powered by? How will it make your business run smoother and more efficiently?

2. New certifications

New certifications could make for dull content but it shows you as a leader in your industry and a business that can be trusted. The key is to only report on significant milestones and ensure the content is devoid of an unnecessary jargon – it all adds to your reputation.

3. Newspaper/industry magazine mentions

In the engineering industry, credibility is everything. People want reassurance that you’re not a ‘cowboy’ firm that will leave a project half-finished. Mention of your business or staff in the local newspaper or trade magazine is a great way of proving that you are credible. It’s also a chance to include a screenshot or press cutting and a third-party endorsement always carries weight.

4. Staff ‘spotlight’ pieces

Behind every business are staff that are passionate about the industry they work in and are driven by their area of expertise. The trouble is, it can be difficult to make these staff members known to those outside your business – that’s what content marketing and newsletters are for. They are a chance to show off the staff you are so proud of, and to show a side to your company that people wouldn’t ordinarily see. It will also be a great motivator to the individuals concerned, giving them a well-deserved pat on the back.

This is just a taster of the sort of content that will give your newsletter and your business the visibility it deserves.

A newsletter, whether in print or digital format, is a great way to reach customers – but only if your newsletter’s content is a joy to read. But don’t expect too much response from readers. As we said at the start, we are all busy people.

Dan Vivian - Business Development & Marketing Director