4 things we now know about our prospects’ social media habits

June 10, 2016

LinkedIn is regarded as the social network to be on if you’re a B2B business. However, a new survey, entitled ‘Changing Face of Influence’, suggests that it is Facebook where decision makers head first when seeking information on a purchasing decision.

The study from Hotwire, which saw 1,000 UK and US business decision makers questioned, offers up some treasured insight on where your prospects are looking to make a judgement about the credibility of your company.

Here’s what it revealed…

Facebook is their first port of call

Almost a quarter (24%) of decision makers are looking to Facebook over other social media channels when weighing up which vendor to go with. After they’ve scrutinised your Facebook page, they might then turn to LinkedIn, which came next on the list (17%).

They want to make a balanced decision

When asked what information they want to see, 41% of the respondents said firms should share more external opinion as part of their overall marketing strategy. Nearly two-thirds (60%) of UK and US decision makers said they look to analysts, in the name of making a well-informed purchasing decision.

There’s some value in commissioning your own research

Nearly half of decision makers proactively seek out case studies when looking for vendors and a third said it doesn’t put them off even if the vendors themselves had commissioned the research.

More final-stage information is required

Well over a third (37%) of decision makers said they find it difficult to source relevant information when they are at the final stage of the buying process. Businesses, it seems, are great at supplying relevant information at the awareness stage, but not so great at getting prospects over the line. For example, there are plenty of ‘How-to’ guides and White Papers on offer, but not enough practical demo videos being pushed the way of semi-convinced customers.

The study concludes by highlighting the disparity between firms and prospects in terms of how they use social – nearly a third (30%) of marketers do not plan to use Facebook in their own B2B marketing.

Where do your social media proprieties lie?

Dan Vivian - Business Development & Marketing Director