4 emerging trends in content marketing brands needs to be aware of

July 5, 2016

Content marketing has changed, and firms need to alter their approach to remain current and relevant, says Econsultancy.

With that, the digital marketing expert attempted to predict ‘the future of content marketing’. Here are some of the emerging content marketing trends contributor Ben Davis says brands will have to be aware of going forward.

1. Quality

This might seem like a strange trend to highlight, but content marketing has become a numbers game for many – get as much content as you can out there, regardless of whether it’s got genuine value or not.

It appears that those days are coming to an end, with firms slowly realising that a ‘quantity over quality’ approach to content marketing is flawed – content simply won’t cut through.

2. Sociability

For many businesses, social media is their best chance of getting people to their brand website. The content they produce should reflect this, which means a shift to creating content which has sociability in mind – to get people talking – rather than search engine optimisation.

In theory, this should be an easy transition to make: content which inspires to provoke discussion will always trump insipid, SEO-focussed content from both the reader and writer’s POV. However, the SEO-obsessed might take some serious convincing.

3. Messenger apps

Messenger apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp have clear potential from a customer services point of view, but should firms use them to push content to their customers?

The jury is out still, but publishers such as Vogue have had some reasonable success with WhatsApp, having taken on the persona of everyone’s “best mate who works in fashion” to fine effect.

However, it’s hard to imagine brands operating in less sexy industries having the same sort of impact.

4. Sponsored entertainment

The concept of sponsoring big events such as Euro 2016 is hardly new, but firms should now be thinking about backing up that investment with content before and after the event.

That content can then be reused and repackaged throughout and in the aftermath, across platforms, helping firms show the watching audience that they’re not just in it for the exposure – they know their stuff, too.

Dan Vivian - Business Development & Marketing Director