4 benefits of marketing automation for manufacturers

May 31, 2016

The 2016 Annual Manufacturing Report shows that 83% of manufacturers have implemented some form of production automation in the past five years. Is automation of the marketing function the next frontier?

The study, by Hennik Research, refers to automation on the factory floor but there are similar gains to be sought from automating your marketing processes, too – think customer segmentation, customer data integration and campaign management.

Automation helps you to…

1. Save time

Perhaps the most obvious (and important) benefit of marketing automation comes in the way of the time that it gives you back, which can be spent on generating high-quality strategic insights, or ensuring that your team is happy and thriving.

2. Target the right clients with the right messages

As far as your current client base in concerned, you’re primarily going to be focused on up-selling and cross-selling. With marketing automation software, you can prime clients for these sales by hitting them with the right messages, at the right time. For example, it would be able to track when a client expands in size, making them suitable for another one of your offerings, and send out the relevant messages to them.

3. Define a sales-ready lead

Knowing when to hand over a lead to the sales team is the key to a happy sales and marketing relationship. Automating the use of email and other marketing initiatives allows you to track and score leads easily and accurately, enabling you to alert the sales team when the appropriate time comes for them to take over.

4. Increase your conversion rate

Split testing campaigns before you commit to them is a common tactic for ensuring that your marketing message is on the money. Marketing automation enables you to test while the campaign is running, feeding the results back into the campaign in real-time. Then, once you’ve settled on a marketing campaign that appears to work well for one customer segment, automation allows you to easily adapt it so that it works as well for another.

The benefits of production automation are well understood. Digital communication and data make marketing automation the next area where time and money can be saved, output can be improved and a high level of quality control can be maintained. It will also provide the first adopters with a genuine competitive advantage – definitely worth investigating.

Dan Vivian - Business Development & Marketing Director