3 essential modifications for your marketing content

June 3, 2016

Business people aren’t stupid. They know that the content they’re reading, which has your company name attached to it, is relevant to the goods and services you offer – you don’t need to be constantly reminding them of the fact.

Yet, almost all (93%) marketers still connect their content directly to a product or service, whether that be mentioning company offerings explicitly or alluding to them, according to research from The Economist Group.

That’s not what they’ve come to website looking for. The study shows that 75% of business executives seeking business content do so in order to research a business idea.

It’s time for a change of tack. Here’s what you should be doing with your content:

1. Keep it relevant, but not too self-serving

Over two-thirds (67%) of the business executives questioned by The Economist Group stated that content which contained timely or unique information had a meaningful impact on their perceptions of a brand. So it’s wise to keep things relevant to your industry, but just be wary of it becoming too self-serving – 71% said the content they didn’t like seemed more like a sales pitch than valuable information.

2. Focus on written content for the moment

While most internet users are growing ever-more fond of visual content, 85% of business executives still prefer text over video and audio when making business decisions. Meanwhile, 78% report that they primarily use their laptop or desktop to view content. So, for the time being at least, it seems that content in the form of articles would work best for B2B firms. The odd video wouldn’t go amiss, though, in the name of variation.

3. Create content according to your audience

There’s value to be found from conducting your own research into your industry, which might be helpful for your clients. Two-thirds (65%) of Veteran professionals said they find research reports helpful, while 37% like whitepapers. However, Generation Next professionals aren’t so fond of long-form content – just 30% said they are fans of research reports and only 12% said the same for whitepapers.

It might seem counterintuitive to create content that makes no direct mention of your company or what it can offer. But by putting ‘ideas’ first and ‘products’ second, visitors will intuitively want to investigate the latter.

Dan Vivian - Business Development & Marketing Director